Software & Mobile App Development

Wilstech focuses on client requirements for its development platforms. We have capabilities to develop in various platforms and languages such as: PHP, .net, Java and more. We can deploy and manage various database infrastructures such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and more. Wilstech is able to support multi OS environments and virtualisation including providing complete virtualisation solutions. We can develop software or websites that meet the requirements of the most demanding companies. We will provide project consultation and plan together with you. Areas of development include:

Corporate or e-commerce websites, Payment gateway integration, Custom landing pages, Web Applications (Linux or Windows based), Mobile Applications (Android & IOS), API development and integration, and more....

Platforms and Support We support a wide range of operating system platforms including Windows and Linux based platforms. We are committed to ensuring our clients make the right choice when it comes to their IT investments. We can provide round the clock customer and technical support for our clients based on requirements. We also have accounts with support and administrative organisations, e.g. stationary, Courier Services, Travel Services, etc. which can be made use of via project-related expenses.


Other Services

Web Solutions

Practical and innovative web solutions for start-ups, SMEs and even corporations.

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Infrastructure & Work

Infrastructure, networking, office and home IT equipment.

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Deskera to HR, Accounting, CRM Solutions

We designed our poweful and intuitive suite of business solutions with one goal in mind.

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Add-on Services

Copywriting, Corporate Profile, 3D Modeling Service, Penetration Testing.

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